Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Stuff!

Now that Amara is older and starting to get involved in more physical activity I wondered if she needs the "special" gear like mom and dad have. It did not take me long to realize that I think that she does! Kids sweat too and are probably left uncomfortable in normal cotton shirts and/or shorts. I can probably bet that she will get my profuse sweat gland genes as well. After her first kids fun run she told me that she was all hot and sweaty! It starts.....Matt is not much of a sweater. He works out hard, but just does not sweat as much as I do. ( no fair).

I found the cutest wicking t-shirt and running skort at Target for Amara. She also has a cute pink wicking tank. They were reasonably priced and she loves them. One thing we have not done is to buy her name brand running or sport shoes yet. We will get them as gifts, but I cannot make myself spend that kind of money on shoes for her yet. Any opinions on running shoes for 5 year olds? I don't want her feet, ankles and knees to be all weird because I did not spend the money on the name brands. I am usually only brand conscious when it comes to my workout gear! From past experiences I feel that the top brand names are the way to go if I am concerned about quality and performance. I am just not sure if that rings true for the population of little people!

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