Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kid Stuff!

Sometimes it's difficult to keep the kids interested in physical activity. Riding bikes and taking walks day after day can get kind of tedious for some. This past weekend Amara was bored and as much as she wanted to go for a bike ride, we were not able to due to Miles taking a nice long nap. She has been asking me to make her an obstacle course for a few weeks now and Saturday was the perfect day to finally do it.

No fancy equipment needed at all. We just used her outside toys, a balance disk, a few pails and paper plates! Viola--an instant obstacle course!

She ran around this thing all afternoon too. She wanted me to time her and she just kept getting faster and faster! She was doing donkey kicks ( paper plates) making baskets, jumping over stuff, running in circles and crossing the finish line like a pro.

These little activities make it a lot easier to get your child moving 60 minutes a day. It does not seem like exercise at all to most kids--just fun! What ways do you have physical fun with your kids! I would love to hear from you!

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