Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Long Run-Rocked It!

I am back! I think. It was frigid today. Freezing cold, windy, windchill of 6 or something stupid like that. This early in the season I might have skipped out or at least been really pissed off about it. Not this morning with my new improved attitude!! I was ready to go. Partly because I have decided to just suck it up and work and partly because I was excited to test out my new GPS Garmin!!
Another long story short. I am taking it back to the store. So sad about this. It has soooo many positives. But the biggest negative trumps all the positives. So sad. I NEED the real GPS capabilities. I calibrated it again for almost 3 miles. After running less than a half mile it was already "off" by over .1 of a mile. Ugh. That is a lot for a non-recreational runner I think ( that would be me).
I did not let that ruin my run though. I was still able to see my pace and faux mileage. There was even a pacer dude on my watch. I was over 5 minutes ahead of him too. It was motivating to see that even though it was not a real person! Call me crazy.

Here are my splits for 10 miles:

My avg. was 8:47 a mile I think. That is NOT normal for this girl on her "easy" long run days. It won't happen a lot ( I save it for actual racing! haha), but it sure felt great today.

I even stretched because my carpool buddy is training for a spring marathon and ran 14 miles today, so I had the time. It was MUCH needed. I think I am going to go and stretch some more!

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