Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Spin Day....

I was still tired from last night's speed session. I try to take it easy during Spin class, but it's HARD for me to do that. I laid low on some of the hills, but not for too long.
Today's Spin interval class consisted of endurance, hill, jumps, recover and repeat! I threw in 2 sprints somewhere in that line up. The intervals got longer with the recovery staying at 1 minute. So the first interval was 1 minute, then 2 and up to 3 minutes and then we did 1 minute again of EVERYTHING. Sweat fest fo sho! I had the guy that made the inappropriate comment come back to class. Front row. In my face. He behaved today. High 5 at the end of class again.
I am super sore from my Tuesday workout. I think it has to be the negative pull-ups, or maybe the plank rows. Probably both. Ouch!
Totally Toned went well today too. They asked me if it would ever get easier. I hope not!

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