Monday, February 1, 2010


Monday fun day! Spin was on tap this morning. It was a full class with people waiting to get in! ( Thanks to the crappy weather). It was a nice interval class with a few "true" sprints thrown in the mix for fun. I say a "true" sprint because those should only be 30 seconds long or shorter. I mean really, how long can you truly sprint ALL OUT? If it's longer than 30 seconds, it's most likely not a sprint. Unless your name is Lance Armstrong. I'm just sayin........
I just got word I will be teaching yet another Spin class on Friday morning. 5:30 AM to be exact. It starts this week. I am kind of glad, but Friday was the day I chose to take off( although that has not happened in the past few weeks...) It will be good to get a new crowd of people. I will most likely just use my Monday or Wednesday class format on Friday. Nothing wrong with recycling!
Totally toned was at noon and I heard a lot of the people were sore over the weekend due to the torture fun stuff we did Friday. I think they thought I would show them Mercy today--NO WAY. Someone did yell out "bikini season, bikini season!!" She had the right mind-set! I think every last person let out groans and moans today after the second set of hip circles! Oh well....that's what they pay for right?!?!
My plans for tomorrow might have to change seeing as my 5 year old is on the couch watching basketball with Matt (it's 11 pm here) . The cough is back. It seems to come out only at night. I will have to play it by ear if we will get to the gym in the morning. It's not looking good. I have a new circuit all ready to go too!! I can probably move my training to Wednesday--not sure when day 2 will happen. Perhaps Sunday.
I also have run club tomorrow. Our scheduled speed workout is a tempo run. Something like 4x1 mile with a 60 second recovery. 1 whole minute?!?! Gee, thanks coach! I will report back tomorrow. I plan on kicking butt!

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