Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday-Weights, Tempo and running on EMPTY

Today was hard.
It started with a new workout.

Walking lunges
Negative Pull ups
Plank Rows
Leg Press
Push ups

4 sets of 10 today. I did NO direct core work today. I think the planks rows/push ups pull ups and lunges took care of that!! Whew!

I also hammered out 15 hard minutes on the elliptical just for fun.
Later in the evening was my usual Tuesday Night Special- Running Club.
I was kind of excited to go and run tonight. I already knew what I was in for, but you never know how you are going to feel until you actual do it.
Tonight was a tempo training (icky).
These runs are sooo beneficial though. I love to hate them. Mostly I hate them.
The plan was to do 1 mile at tempo pace ( this week it's 7:45 pace for me) with a 60 second rest and then repeat 4-5 times. After the 2 mile warm up this is how it went:
7:25 (ooops)
7:48 (closer)
7:39 ( almost)
7:35 ( nope)

cool down- 1.5 miles

I have an expert running partner (she ran in college) and is a great pacer. She was not on her A game tonight! She is usually right on the money with her pacing skills! I rely on her! Ha...she did her best. Better than I could do, so I am not really complaining.
It was tough tonight. The weather was perfect. The ground was not too slippery. There was not a blizzard. I was not overly sore or injured.
I can guess what caused it to be difficult for me though. I usually look at my diet. That must have been my problem today. I ate an apple about 1.5 hours before the workout. DUH. I so know my body better then that. I know I need something more than an apple!! I will blame it on no fuel. I think I did this a few weeks ago. It was during a race nonetheless. I run out of time with doing things around the house and plain forgetting to eat. How can I forget to eat. It's like one of my favorite hobbies!
I still made it through the workout. My stomach was actually growling as I was running(awesome). I could hear it and feel it. Lesson hopefully learned AGAIN.
All in all, it was a great day!


Krystal said...

dang, girl, i'd call that workout a full core assault! plank rows and pullups KILL my core!

also, running on empty is SO hard. i always feel like i'm going to cry when that happens. my face crumples like i'm going to cry and that's how i know it's food-related. weirdest thing.

awesome insane workouts hon!

MarciaG said...

Ugh I know! I felt like a total mess.
My core and upper body are pretty much mad at me this morning as well. Sweet! ;)