Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Madness!!

Monday. I really don't like Monday's. I try to, but I just can't enjoy them. I rush around ( everyday really) trying to get the kids ready to bring them to work with me and not be late. I don't know why I have to be there 30 minutes before my class starts. It's not a requirement by management- it's just what I like to do. I like to set my music and bike up and chat with the spinners and my friends. I don't like to feel rushed when I am at work getting ready to teach. It makes me anxious or something. I just like to be early!! This was just one of those days:

Miles wet the bed so I had to start the laundry. He asked for oatmeal for breakfast and then did not want it. I made him eat it. Quickly. He threw it up on himself from stuffing it down like I asked (ooops). I had to change his clothes and clean him up. I was not even dressed yet. I like to leave my home by 9:15 AM. Today I left by 9:28 AM. Class still started on time. The world did not end. All is good.

Class was a straight up strength workout with some hard hills and sprints. It was a loop we traveled 3 times total. Each time it got steeper. Good stuff. I borrowed it from a monthly newsletter I get from -- I am not sure I will repeat it this Friday. It was hard and I have my race on Saturday! I am one selfish chick! We shall see though.

Totally Toned had a small showing today due to President's Day and mid-winter breaks for some schools in my area. I think it was a good session.

Amara goes back to school tomorrow (yay!). She has missed it so much and has literally been bouncing off the walls since last Tuesday. We have been home bound since Friday for the most part, trying to get her brother to use the potty!

Anyways... Speed workout tomorrow and of course there is snow in the forecast. At least the high is 30* and the low is around 20*. Heatwave!

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. Trying the big potty? I am not looking forward to when that time comes for us.

That sounds like an intense workout. And I know I would be just like you and HAVE to get there early. When I taught high school I was always there by hour before classes started.