Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday-Long Run(treadmill style)

I hate the treadmill. Yet, I am thankful I can use it to get what I need done-done. I made it to the gym a little later than planned. I think I started watching The Olympics or something and lost track of time. Ooops!
I actually felt really strong and good during most of the run. I added some inclines and varying speed along the way. At about mile 4 or so the treadmill I was on started misbehaving. It was unbalanced all of a sudden! Total bummer. There are a lot of treadmills at my gym, ,but I did not want to waste time looking for "the perfect" one -Again! I liked the one I was did not make too much noise and the TV was already on Closed Captioned! I like that so I can "read" the news and listen to my iPod at the same time. Multi-tasker is my middle name (actually It's Dawn!)
So that leads me to my new treadmill. The closed caption was not on (boo!) besides that all went well....well besides my iPod ear phones acting up. They stopped working in the unit, but worked in the TV. Ugh. So annoying! I got through it. What was I talking about? Oh right..running! I tried to stop and drink every 30 minutes or so, just as I would have done if I was running outdoors. It's always harder to start up when you are by yourself I think. I kept about a 9 minute pace since I threw in a few 7:45 pace (not for a whole mile though). I was a sweaty mess. My hips have been kind of tight lately as well, not liking that feeling. I almost stopped my run with less then 3 miles left. I was kind of late starting and I did not want to be late getting home so Matt could leave for work. I texted him to let him know I had 1 mile left and did not hear back from I just took that as he was OK with it. I guess it could have meant he never got the message since he was busy with the kids too. Oooops. He seemed fine when i got home so I will still assume he got my message.
I did go back to the gym fr core work. I am not sure if that is dedication or stupidity. I got the kids dressed. Changed my clothes and ate quickly and was back at the gym. I was there less than 1 hour before! I am glad I went back. I did not stretch enough after the run so I used the next hour to stretch and do core. I would write what I did, but I don't know the proper names of a few of the exercises! So here is some of what I did!
Hip circles
planks (variations)
Roll ups
weighted obliques
cat and cow
2 more!
Repeat everything!
Lots of stretching before, between and after all sets were done.
It was a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great Job on the treadmill. I fight with that thing myself.

I have a quick question. How do you stay motivated on the treadmill? I find I can run for 6+ miles outside but have a hard time getting to 2 on the treadmill. Also how do you pace yourself?


MarciaG said...

Thanks Nichole! main motivation is knowing I have no other choice but to run on the treadmill sometimes! I am unable to run long this weekend so the best time for me was to get it out of the way mid-week and indoors!
I also rely on my music and the TV to help get me through!
The most miles I have done on the treadmill are 12 I believe. It was not the most fun I have had running, but the other alternative was NOT running! :)

MarciaG said... for pacing. I sometimes go by my heart rate when indoors. I try to kepe it steady around 158-165 range.
And if that is not going so well...I try to jog between 9:30 and 8:40 pace...which for the most part goes hand in hand with my HR goals.