Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday and Monday..resting and racing!

Sunday- Off day. It was not going to be one, but now I am glad it was!
I woke up with a sore body. All from the 5k ( or 3.2 mile..haha) on Saturday. My abs were (and still are) sore.
Monday- Since it's the last Monday of the month it was Race Day in spin today. I am surprised that I was not recovered from Saturday. My legs felt like logs when the race started. I am glad I extended the warm up to 7 minutes. It probably had something to do with my lack of stretching and warm down after the race (doh!)
We did 2 minute segments ( flat road, standing run, standing climb, flat road..and then we turned around-- flat road, standing climb, standing run, flat road) 30 seconds standing sprint into a regular standing climb for 2 minutes. WHEW!! The rest was in 1 minute segments with 1 more sprint and a 1 minute race to the finish line on a flat road with resistance. It was a doozy. My HR maxed out at 180 bpm, while my average was in the mid 160's! CRAZY. It was fun though. I am getting better at giving more Race Day visuals for the riders. That's not my usual thing or style so I hope they don't think I am weird or something!
Totally Toned was at noon. My visuals for today's class was Tank Tops and Bikinis! We did lots of shoulders and abs/core work!
Today was a great day!
Running tomorrow!

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