Friday, February 19, 2010


All done for the day!
Spin was this morning at 5:30 AM. Small crowd of 10 only today. Mid winter break is on so I hope this is why the "regulars" sat this one out!
I repeated my Wednesday class with a few changes in music selection and I also changed a few of the intervals in the ride. It went over well. I basically took out the jumps and made them 15 second standing/seated runs. Which is essentially a jump, but a little different! Ha. I don't particularly care of having jumps in my classes, but I add them in for variety. I took them out for today's ride, because I had another participant express her dislike of jumps! Of course she did not show up today! That's cool though, it made it a brand new ride for me. I did my best to take it easy because I have my 5k tomorrow morning. My heart rate did get up to 166 at some point, but the average was a cool 144. I did it! Well..this avg. was also from my 20 minute elliptical ride I did after class....but still. Not too shabby! If I would have to guess, my HR avg. for spin was at least 150.
The elliptical ride was nice and easy. I just did not feel like heading home yet. I wanted to watch some TV! I have big plans of perhaps stretching or even doing some REAL yoga. We shall see though!
OK...race day tomorrow. 5k baby! We might even go to IHOP ( I loooove me some pancakes) after the race!!!

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