Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tired Tuesday!!

I did not want to lift weights today! I had a 5 AM client and I was tired. Not just my body but my brain too! I realized I have not taken a day off in 2.5 months from lifting consistently twice a week. So it was a great day to just do core. Ugh. So that is what I did.

crunches on ball (30)
hyper extensions on ball (15)
oblique twists w/ball ( 20)
ball pass ( 10)
side leg lifts on ball (15/side)
cat and cow (10)
plank (50 seconds)
repeat backwards --start with plank.
balance quad ( 8 seconds per side x4)
pelvic lifts from floor ( 60 seconds)
balance/ right arm left leg alt. ( 10/side)

So that was it!
I also did 3 ( 1 minute) rounds on the kickboxing game. That thing is tiring.

Running Club- Speed Session- Hills x 10!
1.5 mile warm up
10 hills ( accelerate up the hill)
1.5 mile cool down.
short and sweet and very effective!

I was not sure how I would feel doing these and I felt great! It was hard, but not the kind that I wanted to stop at hill 5!
It turned out to be a great day!

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