Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday and Saturday...all spun out!!

Friday- early morning spin class. 5:30 AM sure comes fast! Interval class recycled from Monday's class. It was fun-again!
Saturday was Power Spin. I was a participant today. I think I get such a different kind of workout when I am not the instructor. Not necessarily better-just different. It was a strength interval class. Hard climbs-8 minutes worth followed up with a very short recovery and then a brief endurance section. We repeated that for a total of 4 intervals plus some nonsense fun stuff at the end! It was actually a 70 minute class this morning because the instructor is fun crazy like that! I will admit that I missed my long run today, but I am glad that I was able to get it in earlier this week. And I am in the midst of potty training the little man, so I wanted to be home doing the work and not making my babysitter ( big brother or my dad do the work!) Click for a good laugh!
I have a race on the 20th. My first 5k of the season. Why am I nervous?? I think the shorter distance races are more painful then the longer ones. That's why! I want to do well!!!
Today was a great day!

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