Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday Recap..

I can't believe it's Thursday already!!! I have been a busy lady. My daughter has been out of school since Tuesday even though today officially starts her Mid-Winter break. Tuesday her school had electrical issues and yesterday was a snow-day. She was not a happy camper. The girl loves her some school!

Let's see if I can remember my workouts from earlier this week.
Tuesday: Oh yes. I had a 5 AM client so of course I slept like crap Monday night. After training her I went to the gym to do my full body circuit with about a little more than 60% effort. UGH. Hate that feeling. I plowed through it anyway. I also played on this punching/kicking game between sets. 1 whole minute seemed to take forever! It was a lot of fun and made me in a bit of a better mood. We played 3 rounds...I won every time ( just sayin').
I got on the elliptical for about 15 minutes of varying hard paced intervals. The plan later that night was to run hills with the running club. It was snowing like crazy on Tuesday. Less than half way through the warm up I was sure I was not going to be doing hills. It was waaay to slippery/dangerous. I did 1 hill and almost twisted my ankle. Yup. Scratch hills. A few of us(5) took off to run around the lake and also added some miles on. We did 6.5 hard miles ( in the snow, it felt like I was flying) in 59 minutes. That's not slow, but it sure felt as if I was running at least an 8:15 ish pace. For real! I actually felt really good out there. It was freezing and blowing snow and I STILL don't have my face protector. Duh.
Moving on to Wednesday. Spin day. Fast paced intervals with a 4 minute hill added to the end. That was the basic concept of class. I added 3 sprints on at the tale end since we had a few minutes to spare. It was a simple format that really tested the classes fitness level. It was a sweat fest. Fun stuff. Totally Toned at Noon went well too. I joined in on more of the fun than I usually do (mostly a space issue), and my hips were on fire after a wonderful round of hip circles. Ouch. In a good way. Really.
I had an experienced cyclist at Spin, but a spin newcomer. At the end of class he thanked me for "popping his cherry". Ummm..yea dude. Oh, and he called me dude and gave me a high five as well. He warned me that he will be back. Eeeeek.

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