Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The week so far.......

Sunday~ I actually went to the gym. I was not as sore as I expected to be from good ole' T-Rex! I did the elliptical at an easy pace for 30 minutes and then the Ergo meter for 2000m. I can't remember how long it took me. I ended with some stretches and a lame attempt at core!
Monday~ X-Fit. Because we just came off a holiday the X-Fit instructor decided to take it easy on us ( HA!). We all jumped on the treadmills for our tabats ( 20 seconds work 10 seconds x8!). We all started at 8.0 mph with an incline of 12%. That's NO typo. The first 2 sprints were doable-until the instructor saw that I was not struggling! He made me bump up my speed to 8.5! I did sprints 3-7 at 8.5 and the last one at 9.0. It was awful. I could have easily tossed my cookies! One girl did excuse herself to go to the bathroom after the 3 sprint. OY. It was hard. 4 minutes of torture.....after that we played a game of full court basketball. That was fun. I don't do basketball! I made 2 shots though! My team lost, but it was kind of fun.
Tuesday~ I am back to teaching classes at a corporation. They took a 2 week break. The break was nice, but it's also nice to see my class participants again. The class is called Cardio Sculpt. We did long intervals of cardio and sculpting. After that I went directly to running club-- to run hills--in 95* weather. Not so smart. I did 10 hill sprints. It was painful, but I need to build my strength! It was also not a good day to forget to take my allergy meds and a puff on the inhaler. Ugh. High temp. and humidity = poor breathing! I made it out alive though....
Wednesday~ X-Fit at 5 AM. Today's workout was called FRAN. I liked her a lot better than HELEN (look at Wed. recap).
Fran went like this: 3 rounds consisting of
Front Squat thruster ( front squat to a press 45#)
Jumping pull-ups
1st round 21 reps (!!!!!!!)
2nd round 15 reps
3rd round 9 reps
He said a good time is under 5 minutes. I was done in 4:19!!! The first round was the hardest for me. 45 reps in all...nuts! The pain is starting to set it!
Spin was at 10 am and it was a killer. I am not sure how I muster out the energy sometimes..... today's class was all about the fast intervals....and the strong climbs and then with the intervals again. We finished off with 2 good hard sprints. I had a full class today which made it even HOTTER in class then usual. I am parched!
It's been a great week of workouts so far this week.
Planning ahead:
Thursday: Yoga and maybe some light cardio
Friday: Spin class and maybe a long bike ride with a friend.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Long run

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