Saturday, July 3, 2010

Race Day! T-Rex!

I came. I ran. I conquered! Well, not really, BUT I did win my age group (somehow!!)
This trail race was NO joke. It started off all uphill-to set the tone I guess!
My splits are crazy. I averaged about a 10 minute mile. That is slower than my long runs, but we don't do long runs on steep trails with sand etc. If I do this race next year, I vow to hit the trails beforehand to get a feel for trail running.
The weather was pretty good considering. I was grateful for the moments of shade from the trees; even it was momentary. It was nice.
I will honest and admit that I am not happy with my time. I walked A LOT today during the race. The hills were nutso and so were the flats for that matter!
I should be happy with my time though-even a cool 1st place age group finisher medal did not change that. ( I was totally surprised when I was handed the medal). I still had a good time ( I think), it was just a challenging and humbling experience. I had moments of energy and then BAM-I was walking. It was weird. Oh well...there is always next year!!
Here are the goods:

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