Friday, July 9, 2010

Yoga, Spinning and running fast.....

Thursday~ I did yoga! There was a sub. I think I like the normal instructors style a bit better. That is all I did today- Ahhh!

Friday~ Spin instruction. I taught the same class as Wednesday. Lots of speed work with a brief hill interval in the middle. Whew. I then went to the track with a fellow RunGr member to do Thursday's workout on the track. My legs were pretty much already dead, but we did it!
(6) 150 meter sprints....and (3) 60 meters sprints. I love sprinting for a short distance! It's over quickly. Very effective too! Burns fat and it helps with fast twitch muscles!
I might even end the evening with a long bike ride. That's still in the works though.

Saturday will most likely be an off day. I am going out of town for most of the day. I plan on doing my progressive long run on Sunday. The run is to be progressive in speed--up to half marathon race--not looking forward to doing that by myself!

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