Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, Monday......

Sunday~ OFF
Monday~Spin class --it was a hot one! Intervals galore.
Totally Toned at noon. Biceps galore!

I started a 10 day cleanse on Monday and feel great thus far. I am in the beginning stages of cleaning up my less than perfect diet. I am basically flooding myself with even more water than normal and eating tons of veggies and fruits. That's funny; isn't this how I should be eating?!??! Duh.
On tap for later today is speed work at running club. 800 repeats on the track. It could be worse and the weather could be worse too. SO I better count my lucky stars!

My 6 year old is funny. Yesterday she changed into her running gear and Nike running shoes. She told me she was going for a run. She proceeded to run up and down our street (sidewalk) for a good 10 minutes. She came back inside and told me she had to go teach a spin class! Love her!

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