Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Monday......

Monday~ Spin instruction this morning. I taught an interval style today that was mostly hills with some endurance thrown in. I started and ended class with an 8 minute standing climb. I think it went over well. It was kind of challenging.
Totally Toned was at noon. I did the whole class too. Haha! I only used 8 lbs weights, but sadly it felt heavy to me! I have been out of my lifting game since starting XFit--- I will be glad when it's over. I really like it because it's different, but with all I already do it's beginning to be a nuisance! A few more weeks I believe ( even though I was unable to go today--it was nice to not get up at 4 am!) Anyway-- class went something like this:

Dead lift to shoulder press
forward lunges
hammer curls
step touches ( exertube)
standing side bends with exertube (60 secs)
2 sets of 10

Wide Pull Rows
push ups
Pelvic lift march
plank row
bicycle crunch (60 secs)

2 sets of 10

After both sets were done we then went through everything 1 more time.
There was still a bit of time left so I threw in some cat/cows, lower back exercises and butt exercises until the class was complete! A well-rounded class I think. I was a sweaty pig--what else is new?!?

I hope to get up at a decent time so I can ride on the road. It's confirmed. I WILL be doing the duathlon this weekend!!! Yay and Eeeek!

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