Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy for Cardio...... Or just plain crazy.

Tuesday~ 800's on the track (3:28 ish pace) with equal recovery time. I wanted to do 8, but was totally fine with 6. It was hot and humid and I felt I could have thrown up. Awesome. My breathing was not the best, but I tried to ignore it. The weird thing is I had my vocal cords close up for about 10 seconds during my .75 of a mile cool down. It was at a snails pace because I was so tired from the workout! Not sure why that happened.
The 800's were very hard. I am not sure if it was because I an doing a cleanse right now that I felt different or what. Oh-it might have been do to the fact that I taught Cardio Sculpt at 4:15pm--how could I forget that??? It was kickboxing with some power moves thrown in for fun and weights and abs. I am still sore. It's been a while!

Wednesday~ Spin intervals that were hard. They were hard(er) for me due to my Tuesday stuff I think. I thought about running a few miles and the feeling passed almost as soon as it popped into my head.

Thursday~ Yoga..I made it. It was slightly difficult. Lots of hip openers (which I need BAD) and lots of hamstring stretches Ommmmm.
Before yoga I walked on the tread slowly with a bit of an incline for 30 minutes.
Depending on how I feel the rest of the day I might go for a walk or run or go to the gym for some light cardio. We shall see.....

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