Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tri Del Sol Duathlon recap....( I medaled!!!!)

I was up all night ( I forgot to mention that hubby is out of town with the kids--I can't sleep when he is away!) So I was up before my 4:45 AM wake-up call. I was super tired ( still am).

Anyway on to the race. I placed first in my age group! Funny thing is ( to me, anyway) is that I was almost 2 minutes slower than last year and I placed 6th then! Oh well...I'll take it!

My Garmin biffed when I tried to download the info. Total bummer.

So the race started at 8am..... the run was hot and humid already. 2 miles in 16:04. Not to shabby for me this year.

My transition was over 2 minutes. That is too shabby for me any year! UGH. I can't believe I took that long to transition!! On to the bike. I did so much better than last year! That happens when your bike is in tact! The 18 mile bike took me 1:02:15. I am happy with that. I learned a lot from my buddy. He coached me basically the whole 18 miles!! The seconds transition was over 2 minute AGAIN. Boooo!!!!

The last 4.5 miles was basically hell on earth ( or as I imagine it to be). My legs were jello, and my lungs were heavy and closed. Not good. But I finished; albeit slow. 2:03:58 was my official time.

I always sprint to the finish no matter how sucky a race I feel I am having. In the duathlon you are marked with a "D"on your arm and leg to indicate that you are in the duathlon and your age as well. Some lady in my age group passed me with less than half a mile to go. Oh no she didn't!! She was the first person in my age group that I had seen all day. So I basically stayed on her butt until the final stretch--I beat her by 1 second. I actually felt bad, but I did what I had to do!

After over analysing the race, I feel I could have beat my time from last year just if I had gone quicker with my transitions! I hope to do another Du this summer. I plan on practicing my Bricks ( bike to running) a lot more too.

It was a fun, hot and GREAT day!


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

don't feel bad, that's why it's called a "race"! Congrats on the AG win!!! Awesome job!

Tricia said...

great job!