Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week in review-- I can still breath and I am still ( kind of) fast!

Monday- XFit and Spinning.......Spin was a race day! HR was up, up and away!!!

Tuesday- 4 mile warm up
Sprints-150m x 8-- I could breath and I was pretty fast! Yahoo!! I think this helped me get more confidence back too....Let's hope. My coach had a little crowd gathered to watch me run my sprints--funny. If that does not make you run fast and your best! Saturday will be another test.
2 mile cool down. I talked to my running coach and he thinks I should do the advanced 1/2 marathon training-eeek! Hence the 4 mile warm up instead of 2!

Wednesday- XFit and Spin class.
Thursday- Spin class ( I subbed)
That's all I got!

I am super sore...I think the XFit, sprints, and spin classes have me beat!
I am hoping tomorrow I can get in some yoga since I failed that this week...I need it MOST this week too.

On tap for Friday: Another spin instruction. YOGA and Hydrating for my 10 mile trail race on Saturday!! It should be starts at 9 am and the forecast for the day is HOT. Awesome!

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