Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spin, spin and more spin!

Friday~ Early Spin class. That was all I did! (well Totally Toned was at noon and all I did was bark orders and I did the side planks-slacker!)

Saturday~ No running for me today. I was able to sub the Power Spin today. I was sad to miss the run until I woke rain! I was GLAD to be indoors working hard instead of outside in the rain. It was a race day too. 1:15 minutes to be exact. I did a Spin class rendition of The Tour De France Stage 15. It was bananas. So very hard. I get caught up in the excitement of some of the yelpers in class and really pushed myself to utter wooziness on the bike. Good thing I did not fall off. One Stage 5 hill was about 12 minutes long. Ugh. The class did awesome though!! It can be intimidating subbing a class that everybody loves. I will say it was nice to know that they requested me as the sub--I guess they like my music! I'll take it!
I was so hungry after class. I am still doing the cleanse and wanted so badly to veer from the specifics of the diet, but I held strong and followed the rules. I feel good!
*If I am lucky, I hope to get in some running miles on Sunday....I sometimes forget that is why I am here! ;-)

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