Friday, July 16, 2010

Me no sleepy....

I should be sleeping not blogging! I can't sleep!! I have to (I mean get to) get up at 4:45 to get ready for my duathlon! I am excited and nervous ( hence why I am here typing!).
It will be fun. I am going to run, bike and run again with a fellow spin instructor at my gym. He is the biker and I ( not lately) am the runner! So, we hope to motivate and push each other to the finish! I hope to get under 2 hours.....last year my time was 2:02:02! I should have played the lottery that day--I bet it was worth at least 2.2 million. I taught spin and tried to control myself. I had to make up and switch the music. Don't worry--I was prepared, BUT 2 of the spinners that came this morning ( they never come on Friday) were at my Thursday class. I decided to recycle that class for Friday morning. Sooooo I had to change the music and think up a good spin ride in about 9 minutes. I did and it was pretty good. I hope I did not fry my own legs! I included a lot of speed drills and a few heavy climbs and bouts of endurance. It got hot up in that spin room!

I did a 20 minute yoga video later at home--Ahhhh! Ommmmm! Yeahhhh!
OK I better get to bed..starting to feel my eyes droop.

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