Thursday, July 29, 2010

A kind of maybe sort of Tuesday and Wednesday....

Tuesday~ What the heck did I do on Tuesday anyway? It was such a long time ago.........
Oh yes, I taught a Cardio Sculpt class. I had one person show up!! ( Thanks Kristy!-- she is my die-hard athlete mom of 3!) She had her very own personal training session of sorts. She's tough and proved it!
After class I headed over to the E. side ( of Grand Rapids) for running club. On tonight's torture: after the standard 2 mile warm up the advanced group's workout included (12) 200 meter sprints with a walk/jog recover of 200 meters. Yup, 12!! It actually went by a lot faster than I expected and it was actually fun ( kind of). I really enjoy running with my buddy that is faster than I am. She pushes me just enough to where I did not think I could go. I am not sure why I enjoy that, but I do! After the workout is the 2 mile cool down and then that's all! It was a good Tuesday!

Wednesday~ Spin class instruction. I actually had a request to repeat Monday's Race Day format--nope! I stuck to the plan and did an interval ride. I stayed at the gym to welcome a new instructor as she taught Turbo Kick! I am trying to motivate myself so I can get back into Turbo Kick. I plan on taking this class as often as I can until I am comfortable teaching it again...maybe.
I failed to get up early today and do a lower body workout. I did do my own version at home while watching The Young and the Restless though. I did everything with 10 lb. weights.
Just a very simple workout before I get back into lifting heavy.
1 leg dead lifts
Plie squats

My day was jam packed today with stuff, but that's that way I like it...kind of.

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kristy said...

die-hard athlete?? I'm not sure about that...I limped home to Greg and the boys after that workout! I haven't considered myself much of an athlete since high school, although I'll take the compliment!