Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Monday- X-fit and Spin instruction
X-fit is at 5AM and it was HARD!
Today we performed a circuit of:
push ups
4 rounds of each exercise (20 seconds per exercise with 10 second rest)
5 hours later I taught Spinning. It was a hard interval class.

Tuesday-yoga and hills
I was up super late Monday night due to tornado's and stuff. Looong night. I missed my regular morning cardio session because I slept in. I love sleep.
I opted to do a Jillian Michael's yoga session. It was called Yoga Meltdown. It was really good. Totally power yoga. I was a sweaty mess and it was only 35 minutes long. It was perfect for me..I am not so good at following yoga outside of a classroom setting.
Later on was running with my running club. It's been a while! I have to get back at it. I really did not feel up to going yet-I still have a cold, but kind of feel I need to get back in the habit-sick or not! It was hills today. I ran 6 + the warm up and cool down. It was HOT out. Ugh. I used to love running in the heat.

Wed-Spin and x-fit
X-fit at 5 am. Today we did something called HELEN.
440 meter run
dumbbell swings (21x)
pull ups (12)
Ugh...3 x through as fast as you can!
I did it in 10:50.
My lungs were on fire for a while.
It was the kind of thing I love/hate to do. I love good, clean competition though and this was it. It does not help that the X-fit instructor yelled " Marcia; you should be killing everyone!" Ummm- this dude does not even know me. But, I had to speed up after he said that. Dang him!!

In other news:
I am not sure I will run the 10k on Saturday. I don't feel so well still, but this might change by then. I can always sign up on Saturday morning if need be. My lungs and head are full of crap.
I have done this race 3 years in a row so I really want to do it. It's a good race!
I will be smart and listen to my body and play it by ear for now.

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