Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday- cardio overlaod training!

Saturday~ I actually woke up to run! I was lucky that my CamelBack was not all moldy from the last time I used it ( months and months ago). I filled it up with Gatorade and was hitting the pavement before 6 am. I think it was already in the mid 60's with high humidity. Awesome. I actually used to love running in the heat. I still might like it; I will have to let you know.

It was a great day for running too! Besides the fact that I was all alone and then my awesome iPod earphones decided to cut out on me. I somehow survived the rest of the 7.5 miles without tunes.

My goal was after the first mile (9:09) not to fall under a 9 minute mile. I did it! I averaged 8:47/mile with my fastest mile at 8:39. Fine by me! My goal was to run 6 miles and I had enough time to do 2 more--so I did.

After that it was on to Power Spin class. This class is 60 minutes, but she ALWAYS starts it 15 minutes early--sweet. I was able to eat a Luna Protein Bar in cookie dough flavor about 10 minutes before class. It was ok--you could tell it was a protein bar in my opinion! I needed the energy for the class for sure, and this bar served it's purpose!
I was able to hang tough for the first hour and then kind of puttered out. I was exhausted-in a good way of course! It was a great training day. I took a good 20 minutes after class and stretched. Apparently-not enough. My hip flexors and IT bands are TIGHT !

I am training for a duathlon so I need to practice my run-bike-run thang! Ugh. This particular class is a preparation for a 4 hour Half Iron-Man ( Spin style!) in the fall. If I am able to do it (family, races etc.) I will for sure be there! 4 hours! Dang.

Sunday~ I took the day off...not intentional. I was all set to go to a 1 hour HOT YOGA (ahhhh) class, but their new summer hours started today-no more classes on Sunday until Sept. Phooey! I was so ready! I then thought about either going to the gym or take the bike out (it's been too long) and get some "real" road miles in. Well--none of those things took place. I have had a raging headache mostly all day. I am sure it has something to do with me not getting my normal Sunday grocery shop specialty coffee this morning. It's nope that I am dehydrated from losing 10 lbs of sweat yesterday-nope. It's caffeine withdrawal. Yep.

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