Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recap and the week ahead.

Friday- Spin instruction
Elliptical - 20 minutes
Treadmill incline walk- 10 minutes

Saturday- Road bike (YAY!) 9 miles
I ran .80 miles after riding. I can never get used to this feeling. Ugh. I was going at an 8 minute mile pace which is not bad..but it was for only less than 1 mile!

Sunday- Road bike ( YAY again!) 12+ miles. I had to hurry and beat the thunderstorm. Missison accomplished!

Week in Review.

X-Fit classes: 2
Miles ran: about 7
Road bike miles: 21.5 ish
Spin classes: 3
Yoga: 2 times! ( 1 hour and 35 minutes total)
Pilates: 10 minutes worth!
Core: 20 minutes worth

Next week:
I hope to do yoga 2x again.
Maybe shoot for 20 minutes of pilates this time!
Road bike at least 2x.
Run at least 2x ( possible 10 mile race on Sat.)
Clean up my nutrition -AGAIN! Starts Monday. I felt myself slowly falling off the wagon and getting comfortable ( well not really-blah!).
Not a bad week.

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