Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had big plans to do Power Spin at 10:15 and possibly something else after that. I was not able to run since Matt is out of town.
Well....Amara decided she did not want to go to the gym today. She shed tears and everything!! I felt bad making her go anyway--yup. I sure did make her go. And guess what? She went outside to play on a play structure that she had never been on before and " had the best time ever mom!!!!!!" Whew--I felt guilty up until then!! Ahhh...I am one mean momma.
Power Spin was tons of fun. I felt I really pushed myself today. I thought I was either suffering from allergies or have a cold. It's defiantly a cold. Booooo! I have it all in my head at the moment. I am pretty sure the kids are coming down with something as well. Awesome.

After Spin we all just went home. I almost did core. I almost did yoga. I am glad I was able to just do something!

Plans for tomorrow:
Road bike!
Wish me luck.......

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