Thursday, June 17, 2010

Better late than never--June 12th race recap

Summer is here and I seem to need more hours in my day to get stuff done. I can't believe I did not even give a race recap!
My half marathon went really well!! In the end, I knew I could have given a bit more, but I am still pleased with my performance! My first half marathon to date: 1:51:48. Not too far off from my *secret* goal of 1:45! Almost...ha!
I quick recap of the day.
Almost perfect weather (compared to last year)
No allergic reaction to my in-laws house ( HUGE)
No breathing issues ( HUGER)

Miles 1-2
8:10 and 8:13
I wanted to keep my pace here for the duration.
Mile 3
Umm-what?!? So not my fault...this little chick in green decided to race me. I think she thought I was in my 20's ( seeing i look young for my age....haha!!) She was in her 20's and wanted to beat me. I finally slowed my pace after seeing how fast I was going! I think she beat me. Who cares though..not me!
Miles 4-5
8:20 avg.
Must have been too tired from racing the girl in green.
Miles 6-7
Ugh....who threw in 2 miles of trial and sand dunes?!?! It was a fun challenge...I will be sooo ready for this for next year
Miles 8-12
8:34 (slowest mile) 8:21 ( quickest)
I never got back into my pace that I wanted. I think it was mainly my mind not my body. Need to work on this.
Mile 13
8:00 flat
Of course!
I had a lot of fun doing this race. I think it gave me a lot of confidence over my breathing/anxiety issues as well.
Next up:
Reed's Lake 5k or 10k OR both races (June 26th)

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