Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Race Day that never was, tempo run and NO breathing issues. Yahoo.

Monday~ I made up my mind and drove about 20 minutes to do a 5k. I intended on pushing myself to the brink and hopefully (eeek!!) making myself have an "episode". I was determined. So was the thunder and lightening. The race was canceled. BUMMER DUDE!!! I paid my entry fee and everything! At least it all goes to charity. Whateva.
SO I was pretty P.O.d' to say the least. I drove home and picked up the family and we all headed to the gym. I did a 30 minute "buffet" workout. A bit of running on the tread/elliptical/step-mill and track running. Done.
Tuesday~ Cardio and weights. More elliptical intervals. When in doubt I grab a magazine and do one of their workouts. The elliptical one was pretty good actually. I followed it up with a weight circuit from the same magazine ( It was the bikini ready by July or something crazy like that. Good enough!
Since running club is off for 2 weeks I emailed the coach for a workout to prepare for June 12th half marathon. My running workout was to be 3-4 miles at tempo pace. For me, this means 8:00- 8:10 miles being my goal for the half. Tuesday was HOT, but not as hot as it has been. I started my run a little after 6pm. I actually did the usual 2 mile warm up first. A 9:10 pace:
I then did 3 miles at tempo:
1st mile: 8:05
2nd: 8:08
3rd: 7:46
No breathing issues either!!! SCORE!
Hopefully this is a breakthrough...I am getting about tired of writing about it!
I did a mile cool down after that.
I did not stretch. Oops and ouch.

Wednesday~ Spinning today. Hill intervals. Hot.

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