Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bayshore 10k

What a perfect day for a race. Well, a perfect day for a SHORT race! It was in the mid to low 60's by 7:30am on Saturday. I was happy with my outfit choice-- running skort(ha!) and tank top. I was hot even before the gun went off. I was going to use this race to push myself to possibly have an "episode", but once again I freaked out and did just the opposite. My time was not horrible, but it's still not what I would like to get. I am not complaining either, just explaining. My official time was 51:54 which is a 8:21 pace. I was 25th out of 189 in my age group, 118th out of 1099 other women 10kers and 339 out of 1806 finishers overall!

I am thinking 2010 will be my year of slowest race times.

I got too scared to push myself again. I had moments of a quicker pace, but nothing consistent enough. I need to break the barrier, but am not sure how to do that!!! Frustrated.

On a good note, there were 2 people in my running group that qualified for Boston yesterday! The weather was awesome, but not for a longer race. People were dropping like flies in the heat. It was scary and heart wrenching to see my teammates in such agony. Everyone made it out alive and well though. It was a change of pace for me to be on the sidelines to cheer them on too. I liked that!

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