Monday, May 24, 2010

A breathing lesson, Speedy Bike Ride and A Case of the Monday's....

Thursday~ I had my speech pathologist appointment on this day. It went as expected. My speed lady was really nice and funny and helpful. She did make a point to tell me that it is rare to see someone my age in her pediatrics office! That made laugh. Oh well. We went over breathing techniques for me to use and practice a few times a day. The "panic breathing" is very easy to do.
Pay attention: If you ever hyperventilate-- DO NOT take a deep breath in and out. Totally wrong-who knew?!?! Not me. One short breath IN and a relaxed 4-5 count breath OUT. Good to know. This will come in handy later in the week.......
I also taught 3-2-1.

Friday~ Early spin and core. I left out the ploys today...just was not feelin' it. Oh, and lots of yoga type stretching! I'm trying.

Saturday~ 8 mile run. It was majorly humid and warm. It's about time! I actually did not mind the heat. I attempted to push the pace a little bit. It worked. I had an "episode" I was running just under an 8 MM pace when it happened. I slowed down just a bit and practiced my newly learned techniques. I think it worked. I hope it worked. PLEASE work!!
So frustrating, but it is what it is-right?? I think my ending pace was 8:31 for 8 miles. It felt good.

Sunday~ 22 mile bike ride. I had a buddy take me out on the road to show me his ways! He is a mountain biker, but took me on the roads to teach me how to tackle hills, shift and go 30 MPH...what a rush! I learned a lot and hope it know it will help me in the future.

Monday~ Spin race day! The day started out horribly. I stayed up late Sunday night making a spin profile and getting new race day worthy music downloaded and onto a CD. Guess who forgot the CD and profile at home. Yup--this chick!! I was beyond ticked!! After I collected myself I looked further in my bad and found that I did pack another CD. Whew. I had to scribble out a new profile in about 4 minutes flat. I did. Class rocked-if I do say so myself.....I was lucky!! Ha! (note to self: do not under any circumstances plan a 22 mile hilly ride the day before a Race Day. Duh.)
Totally Toned was at 12 noon.
That is all!
Oh--my 10k is Saturday!! WoooHooo!!

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