Sunday, May 9, 2010

River Bank Run 25k Race Report!

It's about time! It was a long weekend!

It was a FUN weekend too!

First I want to say how proud I am of my little girl!! She ran her first 5k on Saturday in 49 minutes! The first 2 miles-- 20 minutes!!!! She hit the wall after that! She did so much better than I could have guessed-- gutsy little thing she is!! She can't wait to do it again--as long as the weather is warm and she can wear her running outfit without a big coat covering it up!

It was a cold start to the race. The gun went off at 8:20 AM. I went into it with a great attitude. Very little anxiety over my breathing issues, but I knew I had to keep this race more low-key and treat it as a training run. I did just that.

It rained very little, but it would not be the River bank run without rain--it rains every year without fail!
The wind-well that's another story!! The wind gusts were not as bad as predicted, but it had it's moments. I ran with 2 fellow group exercise instructors for just about the whole race. (My girl Mary was out to get a PR--and she did!! Woohooo!! It was awesome.)

We averaged 8:41 ish a mile for the entire race. It felt really good. Did I mention how much fun I had!??! Cuz I really did. That was my main goal for once and I succeeded!!!

Here is my Garmin race info if you want to look:

The pics are of my girl and hubby.... my friends and I afterwards and the post race BEER!!

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Krystal said...

Great job Marcia! (And thanks for the sweet text yesterday! XOXO)

I'm glad it was FUN. That's why you do it!

Amara just blows me away. She did such a good job! What a girl!

My boys are running in the Crim Kids Classic on Saturday. Logan's doing the quarter-mile (his third time) and it will be Jordan's first race, the Diaper Dash. It's really short but hilarious. It's for kids 2 and under. :) Can't wait!