Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off day and The Day of The Taper!

Friday- OFF! Sick boy! :-(
I won't go into too much detail..but it was my poor kid throwing up snot. Once in Target. I don't think anyone even noticed.....

Saturday- 8 miles!! I love to taper. Today was half the miles I ran last Saturday!! The race is one week from today. Eeeek! This is the first time in a looong time that I am not totally excited to to it. It's the largest 25k in the country for Pete's Sake! I will get excited sooner or later..... I guess I am going to bite the bullet and just run it and play it by ear. I will try my best. Today's run was in a down pour for most of it. It was a nice warm morning though so the rain felt pretty good. My pace was a steady 8:44/mile. It felt good; no vocal cord issues (knocking on wood).
I was relaxed and talked the whole run. It was weird to run 4 miles and then get to turn around to head back because we were done! Felt so good. And today was the opening day of our local farmer's market. Today was a pretty darned great day. Miles is better too. We had a good time today.
I am really trying to stretch more. So far so good. Two days in a row of stretching on my own, plus today I did a yoga/core/abs session for 15 minutes. I am so bad at it!

I hope to pick up the road bike on Monday and get it fitted and any necessary maintenance done so I am good to go by next week. SWEET!! Very excited to be able to do some duathlons this summer.
I plan on going to the gym for weights and also cardio on Sunday. We will see how that plays out though.

I almost forgot:

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