Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday test run....and breathing FUN!

Thursday-I woke up tired, sore and kinda ready to test drive my new skort!
I slept like crap Wednesday night. I was up at midnight sneezing! I think I might have a cold, because my allergy medication did no good!
I put on my skort and Garmin and headed out the door en route to the park. I decided not to even look at my Garmin. I hit the 1 mile mark and my Garmin chimed. I topped running to have a look at my mile split. 7:52. What, the what?!??! I had no vocal cord issue whatsoever. I am beginning to wonder if the reason for my anxiety/vocal cord issue is because I am trying soooo hard NOT TO CARE about my pace. Hmmmm. I was smiling so big and started to cry laugh that I almost started to hyperventilate--seriously. I was (and still am) over-joyed! I turned around and ran back (not looking at my Garmin) and ran my second mile in 7:53. Dang. No issues again. I was so happy that I went and grabbed the dog and we went for a half mile run/walk/chase/sniff.
I just need to have a plan for tomorrow. My big 10k day. I would love to run well. I wold love to not have to use my breathing techniques. I would love to NOT look at my Garmin for 6.1 miles. Is that realistic for me?? I am not sure. Only tomorrow will tell.
I plan on wearing my running skort while I race too. I will give a full report/review upon my return!
This weekend's race will be tons of fun. A lot of RunGr. Club members are either doing the full marathon, half or the 10k. There are several going for a Boston Qualifying time. I can't wait to cheer them on!!

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