Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy for Cardio and Core!

Tuesday~ I ventured on the elliptical for some easy cardio for 35 minutes. Long and short intervals for the most part.
I am kind of over lifting weights. I am not sure why. I did a made up core workout though and I am sore today. It took me about 20 minutes to do 3 sets.

Walking alt. lunges + med. ball rotation
side bends (pilates ball) 10x
dumbbell swings ( 2 styles all in a row) 20x
plank hold 1 minute
jump rope 150 revolutions.

It was kind of fun.

Running club was later. We were to do a 2 mile warm-up :
3 mile tempo run. My attempt at 8 minute mile pace. FAIL. Ugh. Well...I did an 8:05 for the first mile. I also got to practice my panic breathing during the run. I am very frustrated, but I know I have to practice it do learn how to get through it. Saturday's 10k WILL be interesting fo sho:
1 mile cool down:
Oh, after class...I bought a running skort/skirt thing. Ha! I will test it out tomorrow morning.

Wednesday: Spin class. Endurance day. It was rough!

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