Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday and Tuesday Recap-- running, spinning, running, ellipticalling and step-milling

Monday~ 3.25 mile run and a spin class.
My run felt really good. It was a good pace and the weather was almost perfect ( my hands were only mildly too cold!). I ran into a family of geese--they hissed and me so I hissed back!
Spin class was pretty good too. It was basically one big hill interval....... the people approved.
Totally Toned class was at Noon. I participated in a few of the exercises. Lots of shoulder work and mine is still on the fritz so I played it safe rather then being sorry later!
Tuesday~ Oh a mix of stuff. A sorta kinda tempo interval run on the treadmill ( yuck) and the ellipitcal and the step-mill. It was actually a lot less cardio then my normal Tuesday. So it was kind of my rest day. Kinda. Ha!
Today is my little girls birthday. The big 6!! We were busy all day. It was FUN!! I cannot believe she is 6.

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