Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fluid Flair Tees

I love tee shirts!! I was very happy to come across this awesome company Fluid Flair!

I have gotten questions and compliments about my tee shirt everytime I wear it! I love it. It's so soft and I love the burnout design. Head on over to Fluid Flair and let them know what you think of their goodies and tell them I sent ya!

**We are what you WEAR, FLUID FLAIR TEES. A small Chattanooga based company started by two running moms. Our t-shirts are what you wear during the big race or throw on afterwards. We are about finding your running attitude, finding time to run, finding time for you. We represent all of those mothers who somehow find a way to fit it all it. We are for those running groups who connect and help women, men, moms and dads be even better. We are what you wear on race day to show the world you are not only a runner, but a mother. We aren't just a t-shirt or shirt company, we are a gift for you. We bring people together to share, run and have fun. We are Fluid Flair Tees: Fitness, Function and Fashion.
We are the new Run Happy: Fluid Flair Tees. If you liked our "Run Like A Mother" shirt, you will absolutely love our new shirt designs: "Mother Runner" and "She Goes A Mother Mile" and 10 more new designs are in the works, ready for you to buy and share and wear. We are what you wear during the big race and afterwards. We are about finding your running attitude and sharing it with everyone. Find us, follow us, be "you" on your run and wear us. **,, Sign up and stay in the know and win free flair!

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