Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Spin Day

Today was my first day taking over the Wednesday Spin class. There was only 1 open bike, and I think it was broken anyway !
It was a pretty good class...I have been borrowing the HR monitor still....I promise I will give it back ( if they notice it's "missing") I am loving it too. My only complaint is that I can't see the stop watch clearly enough during class as well as my HR and calorie burn numbers. There might be a way to at least see the stop watch and HR numbers, but I have not figured it out just yet. Maybe if I read the directions...... so I for sure would recommend this monitor and would buy it for myself ( am hoping somebody reads this and gets it for me for X-Mas)..just sayin'.
Anyways.....lots of hills, sprints and jumps ( which I don't really like!), but it was a nice sweat fest. That was my day! I might run and lift tomorrow...or do kickboxing. I have not decided so I will be back here to report!

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