Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Baaack....for now!

Yea, so the Internet was out again last night! Ugh! So far we are back. For now!

Quick wrap up of last week of the things I actually remember.
Last week:
Tuesday: Uuuuh....
Wednesday: Spin and maybe something else...I can't recall. Oh..Totally Toned
Thursday: Spin (sub) Core and Yoga in my living room.
Friday: Canceled Totally Toned due to weather and went to the gym for cardio.
Saturday: 12 mile run! Woohoo..out in the cold. Loved mostly every minute of it too.
Sunday: OFF ( I know this for a fact--Booo!)
This week~
Monday: Spin/Totally Toned
Tuesday: Upper Body super sets ( ouch!!) Spin for 30 minutes.
Wednesday: Spin (AGAIN)
Thursday: Spin... sub. hmmmm

Ok, so it look like I did LOTS of Spin and little of anything else. I have not had time...... I love Spin and everything, but come on! I have slacked on my weight training for sure. Not sure my problem. I need to change up my routine I think. I kind of did with the core only days that included lots of hip stuff, pull-ups, planks and pilate-ab type movements. I was sore for 2 straight days. NICE.

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Krista said...

We need to switch - I find myself doing weights and not enough cardio! =)