Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday.....weights and cardio!

Sunday is usually hit or miss with me and the gym. Today it was a hit. I needed it too.
I ran on the treadmill and i did not hate it entirely! I planned on going for 6 miles, but am happy with the 4 I put it. I have to get used to running on it again I guess. The good news is I had my new iPod Shuffle to use today!! Merry Christmas to me! Matt usually gives me my gift early. I am not complaining! It's sweet! After the 4 miles I did a funky weight workout. No rhyme or reason, just needed to lift something!
3 sets of 10:
Bent over flyes
DB Incline chest press
Elliptical intervals for 20 minutes. Hard ones too. I was whooped!

pull ups at home: 5x1 ( yahoo...finally!!) 4x2, 3x1
I was pretty pumped since this was after lifting at the gym.
10 minute pilates abs. It always kills me.
Not too shabby today.

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