Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday-weights-cardio and core

Today I totally had no clue what to do, but sometimes those days I crank out my best workouts!
I started with my weight workout to make sure I got that in without feeling rushed.

3x8 including a warm up set of 10-12 reps

Lat pull down 75#
Leg Ext. machine 65 and 75#
Chest Press machine --??
Glute machine-- 75 and 85#
DB seated shoulder press-- 20#
DB step ups-- 20#

Arch Trainer- 8 minutes
( had to go a meet a client quick to give her something!)
Elliptical- 10 minutes increasing resistance

2 sets
Hip Circles Right leg( both directions)
Fire Hydrant lifts
Plank Hold
Repeat on left side

2 sets
5 roll ups
lower body ext.
upper body ext.
full superman's
15 each
5 roll ups

Stretching for about 5 full minutes! ( that's good for me!)
I still plan on running later and will report back after the run.

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