Sunday, December 27, 2009


I was not in the mood to go to the gym today. I was really tired and really full of sugar! Since more sleep was out of the question ( kids!) I sucked it up and went to the gym. I had to keep in mind that tomorrow's spin class will be a race day so I kept the cardio light and did not get my HR up to crazy high.
I began with a quick circuit:

Lat pull down (underhand grip)
Leg Extension
Chest Press
Lying ham curl

Short and sweet!

I ventured upstairs and actually used the rowing machine! I have not gotten on this thing in YEARS. It was fun and different. I might make a habit of it. I am not exactly sure how long I was on it. I did a program to travel 1000 meters I think. It might have taken me a bit over 10 minutes total. I did my own intervals on it. 10 strokes fast to 10 slow....a few times I upped the fast strokes ( 30x), but kept the slower ones at 10 no matter what. It was a nice change of pace.
I then found one of my running buddies and we got on the Arch Trainer next to each other for about 30 minutes. I lost track since we were yapping the whole time! I did not mind the chatting at all today since I had no intention of pushing myself too hard. It was nice to take it easy too. We talked about the upcoming race season and our goals and stuff. After that I did a bit of core work.

Pilates roll ups (10)
Planks on the stability ball ( 20 seconds x 4)
Pilates roll up holding the stability ball (10)]
Leg pushes ( 10/side)
Slow crunches ( 10)

That's all!

For a day that started out with not much motivation, I think I still got a dedcent workout in.

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