Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Part II

The run was nice!! I think it was about 5 miles....and I think I ran it in 45 minutes or so..give or take! I took no splits and left the GPS at home!
The Christmas lights were only sub par in my professional opinion...I was hoping for a better display! It is the prominent part of town for goodness sakes--act like it! HA!
It was about 28* and I was dressed properly for once. It was kind of tricky maneuvering on the icy patches and snow covered holes, but I did pretty good and avoided wiping out.
It was a great turn out too. A lot more people than I expected. It was nice to see my running peeps and its getting me excited for next season to begin!!


vanessa40 said...

Great run Marcia
I know what you mean about the lights too. Last year everyone went all out in my neighborhood..this year not so much.
So are Miles and Amara ready for Santa. Do you take them to get their pictures made with him...

MarciaG said...

We slacked on Christmas this year!! No x-mas card or pic with Santa....I am sure Miles would have been freaked out by Santa anyway! I am doing my last mimute shopping this afternoon-wish me LUCK!

vanessa40 said...

Good Luck..
Brittany only did the Santa photo once and she screamed the whole time. The store wasn't bad at all. I was there when they opened the doors this morning...lol
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas