Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday cardio and stuff

Spin class today. It was a mini pyramid. It was kind of deceptive I think by the description I gave the went over well I think though. I was a sweaty mess by the end of class. I also let them know that next Monday will be a Race Day ride...Oh boy!
Today was also the last class of Totally Toned for the year! It will be a nice break for me as an instructor although many of the participants are not happy with the 2 week hiatus. As an instructor it is VERY easy to get burned out with teaching. It happens. I get through it, but I am still very thankful to have a job I love. I just need a break sometimes.

I am kind of sore from yesterdays gym training. My quads especially. Even when I take just a week off or so from using the squat rack I get super sore. I only lifted 95lbs for squats (3x10) and less (75 lbs) for lunges. I mean it was not easy, but still!
I plan to get to the gym early for lifting and a little bit of carido. There is a group run planned for tomorrow night to tour the ritzy side of the block to look at the extravagant Christmas lights! 4-5 miles I believe...should be fun!

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