Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday and Saturday recap

I don't think Christmas is an excuse not to workout! If you can fit it in your day without making anybody mad..then do it! I was able to fit in a sweat session while Miles FINALLY napped and Amara was busy with everything!
I was at my in-laws house and they have a nice little gym area set up in their basement. I chose to spend my time on the elliptical doing a nice steady state cardio session with a few hard hills thrown in there every few minutes. I stayed on that thing for an hour. Ugh. I could not go out and run due to the freezing rain! This was the next best thing I guess. It was not so bad.... I had my new iPod and am still trying to figure things out....... I don't like to read instructions!
I figure I burned off calories to equal 7 of the 30 cookies I inhaled--better than nothing!!
Saturday~ So far I am making this my day off. The day is not over, but I am not seeing a workout in my future for today. That's cool though....

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vanessa40 said...

I feel the same way Marcia. I always go for a morning run on Christmas.
Which Ipod did you get?
I couldn't live without mine..
It's so funny some poeole over at Runners World say if you run with an Ipod you are not a "real" runner..please..get a
Hope Santa was good to Amara and Miles :)