Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today was another short and sweet workout. One session of insane Turbo Kick instructor was all I could handle today!
I might have some obstacles to figure out this Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to the fact that my husband is leaving town for those days. I will do my best to fit in some structured exercise.
The weather will be perfect for being outdoors. I hope to get a longish run in; my 10k is at the end of the month!
I have a 5k in a week from Saturday that I am running alongside my husband. My 5 year old will be participating in a 1 mile Fun Run the night before. She is so excited. She ran a mile last night at our local track to prepare herself. Matt took her. When she came home the first thing she said was, " 1 mile, baby!" It was really funny.
I am going to Target to get her a wicking outfit! I can't wait!

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vanessa40 said...

I think that's wonderful
I bet Amara will do great in her race.
You know i want to see a pic of her in her cool running outfit.
So Matt is going to run with you.
Lucky you. Steve is not a runner...