Monday, June 29, 2009

Misson Monday

My Misison training is going.....not sure if it's going well or not since I am doing it on my own for the most part. I count my race and my running in general as training. I am just not so sure about the bike training. I was able to get on the bike yesterday for almost an hour. I rode for about 57 minutes and did 16 miles. I wanted to go for 65 minutes ( don't ask why), but then made it back to my destination too soon. My original plan was to go at a nice leisurely pace and concentrate on learning to shift gears and settle into the areobars. I need to spend time on the road getting used to riding. My competitive nature got the best of me ( as usual--I think I am getting better....ha). I wanted to see how fast I could ride a mile in- I cleared out my laps on my watch, but I was doing them in under 4 minutes. I had a 3:33 in there and the rest were around 3:45. I am not even sure what is considered good or average, but I was pleased with what that. I wonder how long I can keep up those times for 18 miles with more hills in the ride?? Eeek. It was fun though. I think that riding is a lot easier to do alone then running long distances alone. That is not fun AT ALL. I rode the bike on the same trails that I run on, but it was just a different feeling all together. The wind in my face ( and bugs), giving the friendly nod to fellow bikers and just pedaling effortlessly ( at times), was just an awesome feeling to have on a Sunday afternoon with beautiful weather!

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