Monday, June 1, 2009

How did I do this weekend?

Not too shabby!
Saturday morning I subbed a Power Spin class (60 minutes). It went really well besides a minor music malfunction. It happens; I think the class was fine with it.
After that my exercise was complete for the weekend. We went away for the weekend as a family and sometimes that is an automatic red flag for our healthy habits. It is only if you let it be I have learned! I thought I was going to run on Sunday, but plans changed so I didn't. I was kind of bummed, but hey.
My food choices for the weekend were not all that bad. I am actually happy with how that turned out. I prepared and brought some stuff in the cooler and that seemed to help immensely. I did indulge on Sunday dinner, but most of the foods were healthy besides the awesome brownie thing I ate!
Monday~ Back to the grind! Spin was at 10am. It was a pretty intense interval style class today. Very basic moves with a little extra something added to keep the class on their toes. I went to the gym later to lift weights too. I did my own thing today and just did upper body.
It feels so good to be back to my normal self again!


lgrajews said...

those brownies were healthy, i made sure to use dark chocolate for the brownie mix and the added chocolate cbips!

FitCrazedMomma said...

How thoughtful....