Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mission Possible Interview with Ali

How many children do you have?
How long have you lead an active lifestyle?
For as long as I can remember. I’ve always been active.
What is your favorite type of exercise?
Lifting weights.
What have you taught your children about exercise?
I think they are learning by example. They know it’s good for them. They know how to do basic exercises, but I prefer to have them moving around outside. They like to be fast and strong. I also like them to love whatever sport they are doing.
How do you stay motivated to keep fit?
It’s just my nature. I always want to look ‘different’. Unfortunately, different these days is to be in shape. I don’t want to not want to go out or go to the beach or be sexy because I don’t feel good about my body. I am trying to defy the aging process the best I can.
Do you have a blog?
What do you blog about?
Contest prep, or just whatever comes to mind about diet and exercise. I try to stay up on it, but I’ve become very busy with online training and kids!!
One tip or piece of advice you can offer other moms to get their kids moving?
Don’t make it work. It’s something that comes natural to kids. Just get them outside and have fun!! If you go…they will follow. ;-)

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